or Participate in Carrying a Mikoshi


Volunteering At Sakurakai, we welcome volunteers with or without experience. We hope to provide a place to build your skills while having fun operating events and expanding your community. Your task will be based on the four categories:

・ Marketing (long-term only)
・ Operation Assistant (long-term only)
・ Promotions
・ Event Staff

You may be assigned to one or more roles, or switch midway depending on your ability and interest. You may also have the opportunity to become a Volunteer Manager. Please mention it in your registration form if you are interested.

The [long-term] volunteer positions are 1 year long (February – December), and you may choose to extend it at the end of each year.
The [short-term] volunteers will support a specific event. If you are interested in carrying Mikoshi, please see the section below “Participate in our Mikoshi events"

Volunteer Application Form


・ Passionate or willing to learn about Japanese culture
・ Strong communication skills
・ Can work with minimal supervision

You may be a good fit if you are:

・ interested in cultural exchange
・ interested in Mikoshi
・ interested in operating events or NPO
・ want a volunteer experience

Desired skills (an asset):

・ Speak or understand both English and Japanese
・ Interested in video editing for YouTube
・ Marketing skills
・ Computer skills
・ Have experience in operating an NPO

Participate in our Mikoshi events!

If you are looking to join our Mikoshi team or participate in an event, please register using the form below. Participants who do not carry the Mikoshi will be waving decorated uchiwa (fans) around the Mikoshi and appealing to the audience, helping us hype up the parade! If this is your first time joining, do not worry! We will have training sessions for you.

Mikoshi Carrier/Participant
Application Form

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