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How do I join the events?

Check the details of the role you intend to participate in, and submit the registration form on the event posts.

Here is a quick overview of the roles.
Volunteers: promotion and organization of the events
Participants: wave decorated uchiwa (fans) around the Mikoshi and appeal to the audience to help us hype up the event
Mikoshi Carriers: carry mikoshi during the event

I have never carried Mikoshi before. How can I practice?

Please attend our information sessions and practice sessions. Dates will be listed on specific event posts.
We hope you’ll enjoy your first Mikoshi carrying experience!

What is the dress code for Mikoshi Carriers?

Please follow the following dress codes.
Top: Our festival jacket Hanten, or Sakurakai’s t-shirt (it will be given at the event information sessions or practice sessions)
Bottom: White or black trousers
*Please do NOT come in sandals

What should I bring as a Mikoshi Carrier?

Please bring your positive spirit!

Keep in mind the following:

- You will NOT be allowed to carry your belongings while carrying Mikoshi.
- Sakurakai will NOT have designated spaces to store your belongings.
- Taking photos are PROHIBITED by the event hosts. We will have photographers with permission, so feel free to ask them to take your photos. Photos will be posted on our social media.

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