We are currently calling for donations and sponsorships towards Vancouver Mikoshi Sakurakai Society events.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation towards our organization, along with our operation to transfer the Shonan Mikoshi overseas; something that has never been done before. We also profoundly appreciate your support of our activities promoting Japanese culture introduction and overall cultural exchanges.

We are continuing to work on preparing a variety of activities. Our society is managed by volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes, with hopes to spread the understanding of Japanese culture and to provide activities which will bring vibrant energy to the community.

The support, cooperation and understanding you provide are essential to the management of our organization. We would be extremely grateful for your understanding and continued support of our society’s activities.


Vancouver Mikoshi Sakurakai Society Representative, Kenji Seino

Donation Registration Form

The Purpose of Your Donation
We will use donations as funds towards our events, as well as for maintaining or improving the quality of our Mikoshi.

Donation Types (you can choose multiple)

  • Money donation
  • Mikoshi ornament donation
  • Product donation

Payment Methods
We accept cash, cheque, or Interac e-transfer.

Please refer below for the donation amounts:

  • Individual: 50CAD ~
  • Corporate: 500CAD ~
  • Sponsor: 1000CAD ~

For our sponsors, we will show your names in our PR brochure upon request.

Once we receive your donation form, one of our staff will be in contact with you. Thank you for your warm-hearted support.

(Vancouver Sakurakai is an organization recognized by the NPO Corporation of British Columbia. We thank you for your understanding and support.)

SPONSORS 協力・協賛企業/団体:

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