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Vancouver Mikoshi Sakurakai Society is recognized by the NPO Corporation of British Columbia.
Although volunteering can be divided into compensated and uncompensated, Sakurakai is an uncompetitive corporation. Therefore, your travelling fee will not be provided.
Please read and understand the information carefully before making your best decision. You can also visit our website or Facebook for more details. We thank you for your understanding and support.

Rules Regarding Public Drinking and Smoking/Vaping during the Event

In Japan, events revolving around Mikoshi traditionally involve Sake (alcohol). However, Vancouver Sakurakai operates out of Canada, not Japan.

Consuming liquor in public areas is prohibited by law in BC, unless the area is licensed or designated by the municipality or regional district as a place where liquor can be consumed. We, Sakurakai, would like to officially acknowledge and uphold this law. Drinking in public while taking part in Sakurakai events will be prohibited.

On October 17th, 2018, non-medical cannabis was legalized in Canada. We, Sakurakai, prohibit cannabis smoking or vaping while taking part in any/all Sakurakai events. This is due to the possibility that event attendants may include minors or individuals from countries where cannabis consumption and possession is illegal.

Vancouver Mikoshi Sakurakai Society Participation Waiver

・ I acknowledge that the Vancouver Mikoshi Sakurakai Society (including heirs, administrators, and managers) does not hold responsibility for covering financial costs arising from accidents, injuries, or damages at the event.

・ I consent to being photographed or video-recorded and grant permission for photographs or video footage of the event to be used without expecting compensation.

・ I am in a condition of good health, and acknowledge that I have no sickness or injury that will undermine my participation in the event.

・ To prevent theft, I accept that participants or their guardians must manage their own personal belongings, and will bear full responsibility in the event of loss or damage.
(last updated 30 May 2021)

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